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January 2007 was a major turning point in my life. My husband and
I sold our house, quit our jobs, pulled our kids (then 6 and 10) out of a
school they loved, and sailed off on an adventure. It’s much easier to write
this than actually do it, and it was stressful in the beginning but we had an
incredible time. We planned to be gone 2 years, but that quickly turned into
nearly 5. To say our life was changed enormously would be an understatement. We
went from a life defined by material goods to a life defined by experiences.

I blogged during the trip and you’ll find that on Many
people have blogged or written books about their travel experiences, but what I
have heard from many of you is, “What’s it like to come back?”

That is what this blog is about. Being outside the United States
for so long, then coming back and trying to get acclimated, has been humorous,
shocking, disappointing and most of the time, just outright bizarre. But it is
a story worth telling.



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