Luck is all around us. Darren Hardy

In his book, The Compound Effect, author Darren Hardy tells us that luck is always around us. The key is knowing what to look for and seeing it as luck when we do find it. Too often we are envious of other peoples success. We use excuses why we aren’t as successful as they are, when if we told ourselves the truth, we would realize that their “luck” is really a result of hard work. 

Darren Hardy says that 


These words must be part of your vocabulary. Preparation is obvious and opportunity is seeing a good thing coming your way, and then of course you must act. But to me, attitude is everything. Attitude is the belief, the mindset that you will be successful, you will be “lucky.”  

What is your belief about yourself today? If it’s not that you are always lucky, find a way to change it.



Family Adventure: Zip Lining At The Gorge

Last few days of July and we wanted to sneak in a few more adventures before the gear up of college and high school. Late July days are always perfect for a trip to the mountains. For our adventure we chose zip lining or more correctly, a 3 hour zip line tour through the tree tops!

We did our research, then went with our gut and chose The Gorge in Saluda, NC. It helped that it was just under 2 hours from our house and there were other outdoor activities nearby, like white-water rafting, kayaking and river float-trips.

This was my first time at a zip-line course. When we were in Ecuador, Dan and the kids took an incredible zip-line tour in the cloud forest on Mindo. I couldn’t go because earlier in the trip I broke my arm rappelling down a waterfall, but that’s another story. I was very excited about this trip.

First off, The Gorge is extremely easy to get to. Second, the office is gorgeous. I could live in the office. Seriously, I could live there. The view is spectacular. In the middle walkway, as you come in, there are several very comfy chairs, placed in a circle around a table carved from an old tree trunk. It ‘s the perfect place to relax and have a beer or soda after your tour. It’s a great place to talk to the friendly staff, introduce yourself to one of the gracious owners, Sara, and chat with other zip line enthusiasts.

But we came for the tour. And the tour was fantastic. It’s billed as the steepest and fastest canopy tour in the country. It’s fast. Rocket fast. Watch the video of our tour and listen for the sound of the zip line!


Our guides took all the pictures during the trip and we bought them afterwards. Such a great idea! 

So this was in the summer. Can you imagine the view in the fall? We hope to go back and bring you more videos. In the meantime, where will you go?








Video: The Colorful, Lush Island of Grenada. A Jewel In The Caribbean

In 2008 and 2010, we enjoyed the beaches, the colorful fruit and vegetable markets, the Carnival, and celebrating with the locals on the Caribbean island of Grenada. For nearly 3 full months, we lived like a local: buying our food from the markets, using the same transportation, eating the same foods and hiking to waterfalls in the high mountains. It was wonderful, especially for our children to be so immersed in the culture.  Grenada is safe for tourists, the beaches are beautiful, the sailing is wonderful, the people are friendly, the island is historical and the nature on the island is fascinating. All this and much more make it one of the best islands in the Caribbean for families.

I wrote about our adventures in the book A Life Without Borders, available here
This video gives a glimpse into our time there. Enjoy!


Video: The British Virgin Islands Is Definitely For Kids




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