Washington DC for Spring Break…. Wait…..Outer Banks


When our daughter, Tessa, went to bed at 10:30pm Easter evening, we all had our bags (backpacks) packed for our trip to Washington DC the next morning. When she woke up the next morning, she was shocked to hear we were headed to the beach: the Outer Banks to be precise.

We had told everyone we were headed to DC for Spring Break. Even though we hadn’t reserved tickets to the White House in time, Brittnay McHale, from Senator Burr’s office, was nice to get us tickets for the Capitol tour. I had hoped we could stop by the Outer Banks on our way home, but Dan thought it would be out of our way. As the evening wore on, and I realized we couldn’t get into the National Archives,(booked til April 17), the Washington Monument (closed for repairs) and the Smithsonian tours (don’t even try it this late) and the great deal on the hotel we found was now gone, our enthusiasm for Washington DC was waning. I made the mistake of looking on Flickr for Washington DC pictures, and discovered this guy had visited both Washington  DC and the Outer Banks. He had posted some amazing photos of the Jockey Ridge Dunes and I was hooked. At 11:30pm, I looked at my exhausted family trying to locate a hotel in Washington DC and asked, “Why don’t we just go camping at the Outer Banks?” It was on.

After checking the weather forecast, we threw a few warmer clothes in our backpacks, printed out a some information on campgrounds in the area, and went to bed after midnight. By 6 am we were up. We were scrambling to think of things we would need as we had tent camped only once before, about 6 years ago. We found our tent in the shed. I grabbed some silverware, the electric griddle (we didn’t have a camping stove) an extension cord, a bowl, a pan, the George Foreman small grill, coolers, sleeping bags and we were on our way, finally, around 8am. [Read more…]

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